Lungs Like A Rasta (EP)


Side A:
1. Lungs Like A Rasta
2. Juicy Interlude
3. Despite
4. Far From A...
5. 420 Team

Side B:
1. Tape It Off
2. Cement Boxin' Gloves
3. Lungs Like A Rasta (Instrumental)
Always ditching, tardy, and smokin' weed in the high school bathroom. This is the backdrop for the formation of arguably the most dynamic duo to enter the rap arena. Meen Green and Marc Tha Murderah make up the H.S.D. (High Skool Drop-owts).

This eight song EP features special appearances by Ganjah K and production by The Nonce, Fatjack, J. Sumbi, and M.D. Himself.

This release is currently available as 12" EP format only.

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