Considered by many to the be most influential west coast underground hip-hop album ever recorded, The Freestyle Fellowship's To whom it may concern… has long been slept on by the masses. This remix album revisits that seminal recording, and J. Sumbi ("Sunshine Men") has managed to paint an even more impressive backdrop for these lyrical prophets of prose aided by the use of today's technology.

Available on Compact Disc and Double Vinyl.
Four pounds and twenty blunts ago, Meen Green released an album titled The Smoking Section that told stories of Westside love and chronic leaves. This album and his indo-morphed reputation made him a household name in the streets of Los Angeles and the projects of Atlanta, Georgia. His sophomore release, Government Issue, picks up where the Smoking Section left off and takes us to the next level of Tetra Hydro Cannabinol - in other words, higher than you were the first time.

Available on Compact Disc.

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