7 Days to Engineer

Side A:
1. Complicate
2. Poetical Me
3. Engineered In L.A.
4. One Night at the Nappy

Side B:
1. Devoted to You
2. ...Look at Me Mean (feat. Aceyalone & Yusef)
3. I Never Tried To Pretend
4. 8th Day "Good" (feat. Yusef)

The Concept... This tape was made in 7 days; no more, no less. I had no music or idea of what I would write about, but I set this goal. Whatever I had at the end of those 7 days was it. That would be the tape. And after the 7 days I would not allow myself to change a single thing. Not in the music, and not in the vocal, not one overdub after the 7 days. A few people came to visit my lab while I worked and became a part of it: Aceyalone, Yusef (R.I.P.), and Jane Doe.

This recording is currently available only on cassette tape format. Compact Disc re-mastered release is planned for 2002.

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